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We have already mentioned the three most important beliefs in Islam: Tawhid (oneness of Allah), Risalah (prophethood) and Akhirah (life after death). Now we will look at Akhirah.
Belief in Akhirah is very important and is vital for all Muslims. Our life on this earth is temporary and is meant to be a preparation for Akhirah which is never ending. Life on this earth becomes meaningless if good actions are not rewarded and bad conduct punished. Regular attendance in school would be to no purpose without an examination to decide on the success of the pupils. In the same way, our life on earth is meaningless without a test after death on the Day of judgement (Yawmul Akhir or Yawmuddin) in the Court of Justice of Almighty Allah.
To prepare ourselves for this day, we need to follow the guidance given through the prophets. Without life after death, there would have been no need for prophets and messengers.
There are people who do not care whether there is a life after death. Some do not even believe in it at all. These people will suffer terribly for their disbelief. A sensible person cannot possibly say there is not life after death. He can be doubtful but he will always be at a loss if his doubt proves untrue.
So, the safe course to follow is to believe in all that the prophets and messengers told people to believe. Not to care about Akhirah is a serious to failing. We are certain that all human beings die, so it is quite reasonable to prepare for that eternal life which, no doubt, will follow death.
The Qur'an say:
"Does man think that we shall not assemble his bones? Yes, surely, yes, we are able to restore the very shape of his fingers." (75:3, 4)
Life on this earth would be horrible if all people thought that there would be no life after death. There would be no restraint or control on what we do. Belief in Akhirah has a tremendous influence on the life of a Muslim. He knows that Allah is watching all his actions and he will have to account for them on the day of Judgement. His conduct and always try to do those things which Allah will favour and give up those actions which will incur His punishment.
A Muslim believes that he will be rewarded in the life after death for all his good actions. He will live in Heaven, a place of eternal happiness and peace.
Wrong-doers will be punished on the Day of Judgement and will be sent to Hell, a place of serve punishment and suffering.
To prepare for that day and to be rewarded by Allah, the Merciful and the Kind, we need to do all that Allah demands of us and give up all bad habits and wrong actions. We can do this if we follow the guidance given to Muhammad (pbuh) by Allah. This is the safest course for our success in the Akhirah.

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