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Death is a natural event for all living beings. It comes to every one of us we will all die. The Qur’an says; “Everyone shall have to die.” (3: 185)
Death brings an end to our temporary life on this earth. It is an occasion of sorrow and grief for the loved ones of the deceased. In Islam, people mourn by reciting the Qur’an and prayers for the dead. Islam asks us to keep in mind that death can arrive at any time Only Allah knows when His servants will die. Death puts an end to our human body but it does not destroy our soul. The soul is taken away by the angel. Malkul Mawt (Izra’il or Azrail) to Allah.
A person is sure to behave well and do as Allah commands if he remembers death and life after death. In Islam, a dead body is given a wash before it is buried. It is then covered with white sheets and fragrance is spread all over it. A funeral prayer is conducted before burial. This prayer is called Salatul Janazah.

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