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So far we have learned that we human beings are the servants of Allah and His agents on earth. But we need guidance to carry out our duties is Allah’s agents. We are unable to guide ourselves because we have many weaknesses within us and we are frail and short-sighted. Only Allah is above all these shortcomings and He alone has the power to give us guidance that valid for all times and places. We know that Allah has not left us without guidance and that He has sent prophets and messengers to show us the right path in life. In addition to this, He has also sent books of guidance through them. 
Allah’s favours and blessings are countless. He provides us with all that we need. Just imagine how wonderfully He arranges our growth in the tender and affectionate care of our parents from birth to youth. We can also ask who provides us with food when we are in our mother’s womb. Who fills our mother’s breasts with milk to suckle as soon as we are born? Allah, the Merciful, of course. 
Allah’s greatest favour to mankind is His guidance contained in the books of revelation. The pure, perfect and most useful knowledge comes only from Allah, the Wisest and the Greatest (2: 146 – 147, 4:163, 53: 1:6). 
A Muslim believes in all the revealed books which are mentioned in the Qur’an. They are: the Tawrat (Torah) of Musa (Moses), the Zabur (Psalms) of Dawud (David), the Injil (Gospel) of Isa (Jesus), the Qur’an revealed to Muhammad (pbuh). The Qur’an also mentions Suhuf-I-Ibrahim (Scrolls of (Abrahim). 
Of the divine books, only the Qur’an exists in its original from, unchanged and unmixed. The Zabur , Tawrat and Injil are not available in their original language and form. Even their original texts do not exist. These books were compiled by their followers many years after the death of the Prophets to whom they were revealed. Their compilers have modified, changed and distorted Allah’s words. They have mixed divine words with those of human beings. 
The Bible, which is a combination of Old Testament and the New Testament, has been translated into English from available Greek manuscripts. Any careful reader can easily find out the additions and alterations made to them. 
The Bible, as it is available today, has many incorrect things in it. Its authenticity and divinity are doubtful. It contains misleading and false stories about Prophets. The message of Allah sent through them was either lost or distorted through neglect and the folly of their followers. On the other hand, the Qur’an contains Allah’s guidance for mankind in its original language, unchanged and undistorted. It restates in clear and unambiguous language the message of Allah which the followers of earlier Prophets have lost. The message of the Qur’an is valid for all times and conditions. 
1. The Tawrat was revealed in Hebrew and the Injil most probably in the Aramaic (Syriac) language. 
2. The Bible consists of: the Old Testament and New Testament. The Old Testament includes the five books of the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy), Book of Ezra, psalms and other. 
3. The New Testament includes four gospels: Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, The Gospel of Barnabas which appears to be the most authentic version of prophet Isa (Jesus) was taken up by Allah. According to Christians, Isa was crucified and died as result. The Qur’an refutes this and states that Jesus was taken up by Allah (4: 157-158) 
4. a. Prophet Nuh (Noah), is described as drunk and naked in the book of Genesis (Ch. 9 verses 20-22). 
b. Falsehood attributed to Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) (Genaeaia, Ch. 12 verses 9-21). 
c. Incest ascribed to Lut (lot) in Genesis (Ch. 9 verses 31-37) 
d. Falsehood attributed to Isaq (Isac) in Genesis (Ch. 26 verses 7-11). 
e. A comparison of verses 16, 17 of Ch. 19 in the Gospel of Mathew with verses 17 and 18 of Ch. 10 of the Gospel of Mark will show the method of distortion by individual compilers.
Source: The New English Bible, Oxford University Press, 1970.

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