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We have already mentioned belief in Angles (Mala'ikah) in the Imanul-Mufassal. Who are the angles? What do they do? Can we see them? How are they different from man?
Angels are a special creation of Allah. They have been created from divine light (Nur) to perform specific functions. By comparison Adam, the first man, was created from clay and Jinn from fire. Iblis, the devil is from the jinn. Some people think Iblis was the leader of Angels, This is not true according to the Qur'an (18:50).
Angles have been given the necessary qualities and powers to carry out their duties but they do not have free will. They always obey Allah and can never disobey Him. Man, on the other hand, has been given free will and can choose between right and wrong; this is why man will have to face the test on the day of judgement.
Angels do what Allah commands them. They are the innocent servants of Allah's will. They help men in the use of free will. Man decides what to do and angels help him to carry out the decision.
The duty of angels is to glorify and praise Allah. They never get tired. They are always ready to obey Allah. They do not need sleep, nor do they require the things a human being would need.
We cannot see the angels unless they appear in human form. Angel Jibrail once appeared before a gathering of the companions of the Prophet in order to teach them about Islam. Angels can take any suitable form to do their duties.
There is host of angels in the kingdom of Allah. Prominent among them are :
Jibra'il (Gabriel)
Izra'il (Azrail)
Israfil (Israfil)
Jibra'il brought the revelation from Allah to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and to all other prophet. Izra'il " also called the angel of death (Malakul Mawt) " is responsible for ending our life. Israfill will blow the trumpet at the time of the end of the world and on the day of Judgement.
Some angels are busy recording all that we do. They are called the respected recorders (kiraman Katibin). Not a single word we say goes unrecorded (50: 18) .
Allah maintains His kingdom in the most superb way. And angels are His most obedient and loyal servants. Angels will welcome in Heaven those of us who always obey Allah's commands and will throw the wrong-doers into Hell (39: 71-74).

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