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Risalah is the channel of communication between Allah and mankind. Allah, in His infinite mercy, has provided man with guidance to follow the right course and makes this world a happy and peaceful place to live in. There will be a great reward in the life after death for those who follow this guidance. Since the beginning of the Creation, Allah has sent His guidance for mankind through through His selected people. These chosen people are called prophets or messengers. They asked the people of their time to obey and worship Allah alone. They taught, guided and trained the people to follow the way of Allah.
Prophets and messengers were human beings. We should never refer to them as the sons of Allah. Allah is One and He has no partner or son. It is a sin to say that Allah has son or a partner. The message of all the prophets and messages is one and the same. As Allah is One, so is His message. This message is: "Worship Allah and there is no god for you but He", In other words, all the prophets preached the message of:
LA ILAHA ILLAL LAH there is no god but Allah)
You may ask way we need guidance from Allah. The answer is simple; we human beings are weak and frail; we have no knowledge of the future and the knowledge we do have is limited. Also, we are not perfect. You can guess that with so many weaknesses, we are unable to make any guidance for ourselves which can hold good for all times and call conditions. This is the reason why Allah has blessed us with guidance through prophets and messengers.
Not only this: Allah has also sent books of guidance through the prophets and messengers (2:213, 7:52). The Qur'an is the last book of Allah's guidance. We will learn about it later.
Allah sent prophets and messengers to every nation at different times to bring forgetful human beings back to the right path (as-siratul Mustaqim).
According to a saying of Muhammad (pbuh) the number of prophets is one hundred and twenty four thousand. The Quran mentions only the twenty-five most prominent by name:

Qur'anic name Biblical name
Adam Adam
Idris Enoch
Nuh Nooh
Hud -
Salih Salih
Ibrahim Abraham
Isma'il Ishamael
Ishaq Isaac
Lut Lot
Ya'qub Jacob
Yussuf Joseph
Shu'aib -
Ayyub Job
Musa Muses
Harun Aaron
Dhu'l-kifl Ezekiel
Daw'ud David
Sulaiman Solomon
Ilias Elias
Al-Yasa Elisha
Yunus Jonah
Zakariyya Zechariah
Yahya John
Isa Jesus
Muhammad -

As Muslims, we must believe in all the prophets and messengers (2: 285). Allah's guidance to mankind which began with Adam (pbuh) was completed with Muhammad (pbuh).

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