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We believe that Allah has created the universe and He is its Absolute Controller and Regulator, Everything in the universe has a predetermined set course which we call Al-Qadr. Nothing can happen without the will and the knowledge of Allah, Allah knows the present, the past and the future of every creature. The destiny of every creature is already known to Allah (25:2, 33:38).

But this does not mean that man has no freedom of will. We know that man is the Khalifah (agent) of Allah on this earth. We also know that Allah does not force us to do anything. It is up to us to obey or disobey Him. Whether we will obey or disobey is known to Him. But, the fact that Allah knows what we are going to do, does not affect our freedom of will. Man does not know what his destiny is. He has the free will to choose the course he will take. We will be judged on the basic of our intentions on the Day of Judgement. If we follow Allah's guidance, we will be rewarded and if not, we will be punished. By believing in Al-Qadr we testify that Allah is the Absolute Controller of all the affairs of His universe. It is He who decides what is good and what is bad. Allah knows already that fate of all human beings. This does not mean that we can do whatever we like as if it made no difference to what happens to us. We must pay attention to the Divine Guidance provided by Allah the Almighty. He gave human beings free will. We can choose between right and wrong. We will be judged for our actions to earth on the day of Akhirah. Allah knows everything. He is the only one who can judge His subjects. He asks mankind to follow the Divine Guidance He has provided for man's fulfillment in the life after death. But it depends entirely on the mercy of Allah who will be rewarded and who will not. Allah knows what will happen to everyone, but we do not know. This fore-knowledge is His Divine quality-Sifat. Sometimes things happen that do not seem to make sense to us. Why do earthquakes happen? Why do people starve in some countries around the world? Why do people suffer? What makes one man good and other a thief? We do not know all answers to these problems. We have only a little knowledge of the universe , but Allah knows everything. We would be wasting time if we blame Allah for the problems or the bad things that happen, simply because we do not seem to see the reasons behind them. We should have firm faith in the wisdom of our All-knowing Creator and help people in distress as much as we can. We are unable to understand and interpret many of Allah's actions. It is meaningless to argue that human beings act without freedom and that we are forced to act the way we do. We decide for ourselves what we will do, and what we will do, and we are responsible for our own actions. This freedom of action does not clash with the fore-knowledge of Allah.

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