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tawhid means the oneness of Allah. It is the main part of Iman (Faith) and is beautiful expressed in Suratul-Ikhlas in the Qur'an: "Say, He is Allah, the One. Allah is eternal and absolute. None is born of Him, nor is He born. And there is none like Him,"(Surah 112)
Tawhid is the most important Islamic belief. It implies that everything on this earth is created by Allah, who is also the Sustainer of the universe and the Sole Source of its Guidance. 
Tawhid is the belief in Allah with all His powers. Allah is All-knowing, All-wise and All-powerful. He is the merciful and Kind. He is with us all the time. He sees us, but we do not see Him. He is, was and always will be. He is the first and the last. He has no partner or son. He gives us life and takes it away. We must return to Him after death. 
The first duty of a Muslim is to declare his faith. To make this declaration a person must say in words and believe in his heart - La ilaha illal Lahu Muhammadur rasulullah - (there is no god but Allah; Muhammad is Allah's messenger). The saying of these Arabic words is called Ash-Shahadah (Declaration of Faith). There are two parts of this declaration: La ilaha illal Lah, (2) Muhammad Rasulullah. 
The first part of the declaration of faith is: La ilaha illal Lah. It has two aspects: Negative and Positive. La ilaha is the negative aspect, while Illal Lah is the positive one. 
A believe must first cleanse his heart of any other god or any other object of worship, and only then can faith in the Oneness of Allah take root. 
Let us try to understand this with an example. Suppose we have a piece of land full of weeds and bushes where want to produce wheat. Now, if we sow very good wheat seeds in the land without first cleaning it fully, we cannot hope to get a good wheat crop. So what must we do? We must cultivate the land, clear the weeds and bushes and prepare the soil before we sow the seeds. Then we can expect good crops. 
Let us compare the land with the human heart. If the heart is full of belief in false gods, we cannot expect Tawhid to take root there. So it must be cleansed of any other god or object of worship and only then will Tawhid take root and the light of faith flow out. The vast and majestic universe with its flawless system clearly indicates that there is one Creator and one Supreme Controller. 
When we think about the unique system sand perfect order of the universe, we find there is no conflict. This sun, the moon and the galaxy obey the same supreme Authority. The whole universe obeys the Laws of this Supreme Power. There is complete co-operation and harmony in the system. Everything is nicely set in this place. No improvement can be suggested and no flaw detected. This superb and perfect combination of order and beauty is clear proof of the presence of an All-wise and All-powerful Creator and Regulator. 
Had there been more than one Creator and Controller of the planets, for example, there would have been conflict and chaos. We notice no steering of a car or a ship calls for one headmaster, one driver or one captain. No single institution can be run problem free with more than one leader, just as no vehicle can be driven by more than one percent at the same time. 
The universe, made up of many planets and stars, is a unit. All its components have a common origin and purpose because the universe was deliberately created by one Absolute Power. Everything in the universe works in harmony and co-operation as do the various parts of the human body. The limbs of the human body seem to have different functions, but they all serve purpose - keeping the body fit and functioning properly.

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